Put the Cell Phone Away to Really Capture the Moment

It’s a recurring theme we see all over the world.  Something interesting occurs, and a hundred cell phones pop up in the hands of people who couldn’t bear the possibility of loosing out on it’s video recording.  This could be anything from a street performer to a fancy car going by.  What got me really thinking about it was during the Signal Festival in Prague when an amazing light show beamed upon this grande cathedral.  Animated fast flash candy to […]

We Are All People Even Though We Don’t Speak The Same Language

Wondering around Poznan in Poland, we walked into recommended restaraunt for cheaply priced Polish food. Unfortunately, as we just arrived in Poland, our ability to read Polish was pretty minimal. This was actually the first place we hit that we didn’t understand or recognize anything on the menu at all. We politely asked the old lady behind the counter if she had an English menu. After some heaitation, in Seinfeld, Soup Nazi, “No Soup For You!” fashion, she gave an […]

Saturday Night and a Sunday Morning in Poznań’s Old Town Square

Sitting directly between Warsaw and Berlin, Poznań has been an important European city for centuries.  As typical with many European cities in the area, Poznan was destroyed in World War II.  Careful reconstruction has brought back it’s old city charm, which is beautiful and apparent walking throughout the city and especially in and around Stary Rynek (Old Town Square). Here in the Old Town Square on Saturday nights, restaurant goers and party goers meet, mingle, eat or party all night, […]

A Spectacled Bear Cub Is Exploited at Machu Picchu…

We recently ascended up Machu Picchu mountain early in the morning to get a wonderful view of Machu Picchu.  We hiked about an hour and a half up to the top of the mountain, and were treated to an incredible view of Machu Picchu.  Once we got to the top, we stayed for a while. After taking a few pictures and walking around the summit, more and more tourists started piling up.  We started to have a small lunch when […]

Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni – Lithium and Poverty

With the world moving towards electric cars and the never ending consumption of personal electronic devices, lithium will be the oil of the future. Estimates are that between 50% and 70% of the world’s lithium can be found within Bolivia’s Salar de Uyani (Uyani salt flats). Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, campaigned in 2009 on a promise he would invest almost a billion dollars in exploration and extraction of mining lithium from the Salar de Uyani, and up until now has […]

Anti-Government Protests in Buenos Aires and a Conversation with Nicolás

Serious protesting in Buenos Aires completely shuts down Avenida 9 de Julio on June 28, 2017. They are protesting to demand the government do something about the high level of unemployment as well as job losses and the economic policies under the current Macri government. While some Argentines tell me that Argentina needs to protect it’s industries from ‘foriegn exploitation’ and that Macri’s policies are ‘anti-socialist’ and too friendly to foreign entities which will have long term consequences, others feel […]