Cabo Polonio – A Quiet Off-The-Grid Refuge on Uruguay’s East Coast

I’d never heard of Cabo Polonio until I met some new friends in Montevideo who told me all about it. It was described to me as “There is this crazy remote, off the grid community of hippies and fisherman called Cabo Polonio and not accessible by road”. I had to go. Albeit, the best way to get there would be by renting a car, but there are other options by bus from Montevideo. I decided to first check out Punta […]

Street Photography in Montevideo, Uruguay

A few days in Montevideo, Uruguay allowed me to meet some new and interesting people and take some interesting photos.  My home base was in the Centro neighbourhood which is great for street photography, but it’s also within walking distance to many other great areas too, including, Ciudad Vieja and Pocitos.  Although it can feel boring or slow at times, and lacks the energy of it’s neighbour Buenos Aires across the river, Montevideo is a beautiful city that has the […]