Hydra Island

Hydra Island, A Photo Journey

Hydra is beautiful and idyllic during the off season and is experiencing somewhat of an off-season revival of it’s former 1960’s bohemian glory. Leonard Cohen lived primarily on Hydra Island in the 1960’s, and frequented there throughout the rest of his life. In my previous post, I documented my pilgrimage to Leonard Cohen’s house. Looking at Hydra now, in low season, it’s hard to imagine it looking any different fifty years ago or even a hundred years ago. There is […]

A Hydra Island pilgrimage to Leonard Cohen’s house

In 1960, Leonard Cohen bought a $1,500 house on a greek island popular among greek’s and expats alike, named Hydra Island. From the book Various Positions: A Life of Leonard Cohen, Cohen describes his house on Hydra to his mother in Montreal: It has a huge terrace with a view of dramatic mountain and shining white houses. The rooms are large and cool with deep windows set in thick walls. I suppose it’s about 200 years old and many generations […]