Hydra Island, A Photo Journey

Hydra is beautiful and idyllic during the off season and is experiencing somewhat of an off-season revival of it’s former 1960’s bohemian glory. Leonard Cohen lived primarily on Hydra Island in the 1960’s, and frequented there throughout the rest of his life. In my previous post, I documented my pilgrimage to Leonard Cohen’s house. Looking at Hydra now, in low season, it’s hard to imagine it looking any different fifty years ago or even a hundred years ago. There is very little new development on the island, and it’s become a haven for the rich and for tourists especially during the summer months. There is no car traffic and people get around the island by walking or by donkey.

During this three-day journey, I used Hydra Town as my home base and wondered out on foot following roads, old walking trails, and sometimes just figured out my own way from one point to another. My hiking lead me through the towns of Mandraki, Klimaki, Kaminia, Vlychos, and Palamidas.

Upon first arrival to Hydra, you’re treated to incredible views of Hydra Town from the harbour

Stores like these run by locals and mostly for locals are scattered throughout the interior of Hydra Island’s towns’

Now, catering to tourists, expensive restaurants and cafe’s that line the harbour give incredible views of Hydra Town

Ascending on Hydra, I kept going up and up to reach the top edge of the village.

The top edge of Hydra Town is lined with farmers fields offering rustic donkey trails and incredible views from the top.

Donkey is the preferred and secondary mode of transportation on the island next to walking. Other than a few farm vehicles, there are no cars or trucks allowed to drive on Hydra.

Incredible sunsets and old fishing villages line the coast of Hydra Island such as from here in Palamidas.

Herds of Goats stop and pay attention to what you’re doing as you walk near them on roads and old rocky trails.

Sitting up high on the top of mountains, Monasteries like this can be found throughout Hydra Island. There are 6 Monasteries on the island.

An old shack along an old trail on the other side of the island.

An old wooden gate along an old trail heading to Klimaki.

The North West side of Hydra Town’s harbour heading into the village.

A man walks his donkey in Hydra Town.

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