European Charm in Barrio París-Londres in Santiago, Chile

Central Santiago is charming, and albeit it looks different, it’s got that same European flair as Buenos Aires or Montevideo, but there is another neighbourhood that will transport you further into a “South American Europe” just by walking through the small street intersection of Calle Londres and Calle Paris.  It’s called, and rightfully so, Barrio Paris Londres.  It’s a stones throw from centro; across Avenida Libertador Bernardo Higgens; a few blocks from the University.

Barrio Paris Londres was developed in the 1920s as a project to replicate the look and feel of Paris’s Latin Quarter.  Even though it’s only a couple of streets, it’s a popular spot for Instagram’ers and Chilean wedding photos – which of course, means it’s very possible you’ll run into both on any given day.

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