A Beautiful Photo Journey from Mendoza to the Chilean Border

Mendoza is wine country in Argentina, and the city itself is beautiful with some old colonial charm with mountains on one side and plains on the other.  Westbound through the foothills and deep into the Andes you’ll meet with the Chilean border.  This 200km trek will wind you through some incredible natural beauty designed for the site-see’ers, the adventurers, and the mountaineers alike.

Hit the border crossing at the 200km mark and you’re half way to Santiago.  But, for me, it wasn’t to be this time.  It was strictly a one-day professional photo journey. I geared up and went out with some friends to explore the beautiful sites, but returned to rest my head in Mendoza that same evening.

(Photos include Uspallata, Villa Los Penitentes, Puenta del Inca, and Las Cuevas)

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