Street Photography in Montevideo, Uruguay

A few days in Montevideo, Uruguay allowed me to meet some new and interesting people and take some interesting photos.  My home base was in the Centro neighbourhood which is great for street photography, but it’s also within walking distance to many other great areas too, including, Ciudad Vieja and Pocitos.  Although it can feel boring or slow at times, and lacks the energy of it’s neighbour Buenos Aires across the river, Montevideo is a beautiful city that has the feel of a small European capital.  In fact, Montevideo is one of the most expensive cities I’ve been to in South America for dining out or fast food. You’ll pay up to $16 for a footlong sub at Subway, and a few empanadas on the street will set you back $6 or $7.  (There is an IVA tax of 22% baked into the price of most items, however many places will automatically have this removed from your bill (credited) when you pay with a foreign credit card.)




  1. Very well written, thanks for the tips! Indeed, there is much to do at Uruguay. If you like the beach, you can head out to the Atlantic coast. If you seek culture, you can head to the Two UNESCO world heritage sites.

    However, there are tourist-targeting scammers and petty crime to be wary of. Do be wary of beach thefts, fake goods, long taxi routes, ATM scams, fake fortune tellers and magicians and many more!

    1. Thank you David for your response and insight into Uruguay. Personally, I find Uruguay to be one of the safest countries in South America and the country where I had to spend the least amount of time watching my back. That being said, scams exist. Thanks for the comment!

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