Street Photography

Hints of Europe in Ontario’s Gananoque

Gananoque is on route to and the premier destination for visiting The Thousand Islands from the Canadian side.  It’s a cute small town with pockets of architectural style similar to Europe. It’s not exactly so European, but like a few other towns across Ontario, you’ll see a charming town with hints of Europe throughout. Add a tour of the Boldt Castle on the other side of the river, and you’ve almost got yourself a semi-European experience right in the middle of […]

Street Photography in Montevideo, Uruguay

A few days in Montevideo, Uruguay allowed me to meet some new and interesting people and take some interesting photos.  My home base was in the Centro neighbourhood which is great for street photography, but it’s also within walking distance to many other great areas too, including, Ciudad Vieja and Pocitos.  Although it can feel boring or slow at times, and lacks the energy of it’s neighbour Buenos Aires across the river, Montevideo is a beautiful city that has the […]

A Few Days of Street Photography in Bogota on Foot

Bogota is a great city in Colombia, and is a perfect city for someone wanting to familiarize themselves with Colombia.  In Bogota you will meet nice and interesting people, wander through the streets safely, and experience different vibrant neighbourhoods each with their own eclectic charm. With four days to spend in Bogota, I used a hostel just on the edge of Zona Rosa as my home base.  La Candelaria is also a popular spot for hotels and hostels, and is […]

Gladiators Square Off In the Ruins of Trier’s Old Roman Amphitheater

Founded by celts, and conquered by Romans, Trier is the oldest city in Germany.  The town itself is nice, but the old ancient roman amphitheater ruins are nothing to write home about even though it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The amphitheater was built around 200AD, and played host to many gladiator combats.  If you are lucky, you might just catch some gladiators squaring off almost, but not quite, like they did in centuries past.

A few days in Brussels with my Camera

The City of Brussels is a largely french speaking city in Belgium and is Belgium’s capital. For travellers or street photographers, it makes an excellent gateway to other nearby cities, but Brussels itself is not to be missed. As the unofficial head of the European union, it is home to many diplomats, journalists, and frequently visited by heads of state. Continually asked for money from begging gypsies of which some may be considered “professional beggers”, I spent some time in […]

Salinas de Maras – A community co-op that pre-dates the Incas

The Salinas de Maras outside of Cusco, Peru.  These salt ponds pre-date inca times, and are harvested by families living in the community.  The co-op system in place also originates from the same era; in this system each family in the community has the right to control and harvest one of the salt ponds.  This is one of the few places in the world where pink salt can be found.  The red colour visible on the side of the mountain […]

A newspaper man in Havana

I wasn’t far from my hotel when I noticed this newspaper man talking to a woman. The woman looked to be of roughly the same age, and luckily she spoke excellent English and gave me some great ideas for buying WiFi cards on the street which are my cheapest bet.  I then turned my attention to the newspaper man who offered to sell me a newspaper for “uno” (1). I said sure. The newspaper looked interesting so I bought a couple […]

Anti-Government Protests in Buenos Aires and a Conversation with Nicolás

Serious protesting in Buenos Aires completely shuts down Avenida 9 de Julio on June 28, 2017. They are protesting to demand the government do something about the high level of unemployment as well as job losses and the economic policies under the current Macri government. While some Argentines tell me that Argentina needs to protect it’s industries from ‘foriegn exploitation’ and that Macri’s policies are ‘anti-socialist’ and too friendly to foreign entities which will have long term consequences, others feel […]