Stories of Russian Spies, Royalty, and Celebrities at the Admiral suit in St. Johns’ Sheridan Hotel

Stories about Bryan Adams, Dubai Royalty, Russian Spies, Elton John, and the Queen of England. All elitists who have stayed in the Admiral Suite. Almeldia, a Labradorian who has worked at the Sheraton for 32 years guided us through the Admiral suite in the St John’s Sheraton Hotel. We asked the hotel if they would be able to take us somewhere where we could get great photos of the city and Almeldia volunteered.

She took us up to the Admiral suite and gave us a tour of the suite and the windows which provided incredible views of the city of St. John’s.

Queen Elizabeth has stayed in this suite where she required a brand new tea set that had never been used before with promises to never be used again by anyone else afterward (the tea set is now encased in glass in the room). She also had the same request about the toilet seats, silverware, and the rest of the dishes. (weird)

Stories go on with Dubai royalty and their food testers, mysterious rich oil tycoons, and entire families of aristocratic royalty….

Interesting stories, and ultimately we were able to take some awesome photos too. Almeldia was great and her stories and kindness were very welcome.

It’s just good to ask….

(Here is the one of the view’s from the room – one of the best views in St. Johns)


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