Stories of Russian Spies, Royalty, and Celebrities at the Admiral suit in St. Johns’ Sheridan Hotel

Stories about Bryan Adams, Dubai Royalty, Russian Spies, Elton John, and the Queen of England. All elitists who have stayed in the Admiral Suite. Almeldia, a Labradorian who has worked at the Sheraton for 32 years guided us through the Admiral suite in the St John’s Sheraton Hotel. We asked the hotel if they would be able to take us somewhere where we could get great photos of the city and Almeldia volunteered. She took us up to the Admiral […]

Andy and his Wife. A Conversation in St. Johns.

This is Andy.  He’s showing us the skull of a small animal he and his wife found up atop Signal Hill while they were blueberry picking earlier in the afternoon.  After a long day of exploring St. Johns, Newfoundland, we stopped at a small parkette just off of Water St, St. John’s main strip where we met this man named Andy along with his wife – they are both presumably in their mid 50’s.  We sat at opposite benches, but […]