$419 Toronto to Copenhagen return in Feb/Mar – Amazing Price to Europe!

We’ve searched the airline companies looking for the best European deal for the next few months.  The cheapest option we’ve seen is an amazing return flight deal to Copenhagen from Toronto for $419CAD.  There are only 5 seats remaining!

WOW Air is offering $419CAD return flights from Toronto to Copenhagen leaving on Sunday, February 25 and returning on either Mar 5 or Mar 7 for an 8 or 10 day cheap flight to Europe!

Go to https://www.wowair.com to book.

There is only one  departure date (February 25) and two return dates (Mar 7 and Mar 5) that offer this low of a price roundtrip Toronto to Copenhagen in the next three months that we found.  Discounting any future sales, expect to pay $500 to $700 or more normally for this ticket on WoW Airlines and more on others.

As of the writing of this post, each of the dates listed above have 5 tickets remaining at this price!  Act now if you want this deal!

The Fine Print on WOW Air

I’d recommend packing light and avoiding extra fees altogether and come away with the $419CAD flight.  However, here is the low-down.

Although with it’s lowest fare, WOW Air offers one small carry-on item up to a maximum of 10kg, it is only for a small bag or small backpack (Maximum 42x32x25cm | 17x13x10in).  A normal sized carry-on for the overhead compartment will incur additional fees.  For a small trip, some creative packing will meet this requirement.

Wow Air’s Fine Print on Carry-On Allowances Explained:

You will pay close to $50CAD per direction to upgrade your carry-on baggage at the time of booking.  If you wait until you get to the airport and decide to upgrade, you will pay close to $90CAD for each way, and if they catch you and find your carry-on bag is over the size limit once you are at the gate they will charge you around $130 CAD to upgrade your carry-on baggage option to the larger option (of course, if it’s too big for the standard carry-on, then you may be forced to check the bag and pay any additional fees incurred as with any airline).

You could end up paying a hundred to a couple hundred extra dollars if you upgrade your carry-on and/or decide you want other options such as seat selection, so that needs to be taken into consideration with the booking price.

If you want to use WOW Air and purchase the extras such as additional carry-on allowance, the right to choose your seat, and other options, it’s best to book directly on the WOW Air site.  Using another flight booking service will, generally, not give you these options at the time of buying the tickets.  You will pay more if you upgrade after you purchase or at the airport.  You Also, generally, can’t choose to select your set unless you pay for it during purchase on the WOW Air website.

If you book directly with WOW Air at https://www.wowair.com this will be explained to you every step of the way.

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