Swoop Air Swoop’s into Canada Offering Ultra Discounted Flights to 5 Major Cities

West Jet’s new discount airline Swoop has finally swooped in with some incredibly deals on today’s launch.  All of their $0+tax/fees deals are gone, but there are plenty of sale and discount flights to be had.

Although Canada 3000, Zoom, and Roots Air, to name a few are airlines that have tried and failed to move into the discount airline space in Canada.  With WestJet’s management and experience at the helm, We’ve got a better feeling about Swoop Air.

Flights commence on June 20, 2018.  West Jet brings in the Ultra Low Cost Carrier model which has proven success in Europe with airlines such as RyanAir, EasyJet, and Wizz.

For Toronto residents, flights will fly out of Hamilton, and they will fly direct to Abbotsford (Vancouver), Halifax, and Winnipeg or to Edmonton with a connection.  Future expansion plans include many more routes in Canada plus the United States.

You’ll pay $36.75 for a carry-on sized bag and $26.25 for a checked bag.

Swoop offers discounted short-haul flights for $39 and long-haul (Hamilton to Abbotsford) for $99 one way.

As the lowest price fare can sell out, I’ve found the following sample prices for June and July round trip:

The lowest price round trip we found from Hamilton to Abbotsford in June/July is $352.41 with many dates available.

Hamilton to Halifax came in cheaper with many days available for $196.86 round trip.

Purchase tickets at https://flyswoop.com

Conversely, Swoop’s main competitor, Flair Airlines, is offering flights from Toronto (YYZ) directly to Vancouver for $453.09 round trip, but there are few of those options available.  Other dates on Flair Airlines have prices going up to $1016 and beyond for a round trip flight to Vancouver.



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