Toronto to Bali $930CAD – Return | (Or Los Angeles to Bali @ $435USD) Return

Flights are expensive right now from Toronto to Bali ($1200+), but we did manage to get an amazing return fare price from Los Angles to Denpasar, Bali (DPS) for $549CAD return  or $435USD.

May 2 to May 15 book with FlightHub or directly with  China Eastern Airways.

From Toronto, prices to Bali are prohibitively expensive with single ticketed routes.  Upwards of $1200 to $2000+ for a return flight.  This hack will let you keep the Los Angeles discounted price (this price will not last long) along with a separate ticket from Toronto to Los Angeles.  

The prices of flights between Toronto and Los Angles are pretty good right now for these dates at $336CAD to $400 with Air Canada and WestJet both offering high availability and competitive pricing.

Note: The Toronto to Bali option requires two separate tickets which means you get a discounted fare due to this travel hack, the ability to spend a few extra days in Los Angeles on the way there or the way back for the same fare.  I highly recommend arriving to LAX at least 6 to 8 hours in advance in the case of flight delays to not miss your next flight.  Since these are on separate tickets, the airline will not accommodate you in the case of missed flights. 

I’ve done this type of ticketing several times and saved a lot of money.  If you are overly cautious, for less than the price difference of a total priced far between Toronto and Bali, you can stay overnight and explore Los Angeles for a day before heading to Bali!  

If you prefer to fly on a single ticket from Toronto to Bali for these same dates, Cathay Pacific offers flights for about $1200CAD.



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