April Deals Toronto to Dublin Round-up: Aer Lingus and WOW Airlines offering great value on Toronto to Dublin round trip this April starting from $439.98CAD

Aer Lingus

Discounted Fare sale ends on January 30 at 6:59PM ETD.

Aer Lingus is currently offering the cheapest return direct flight option from Toronto to Dublin this spring from April 1 to April 30.

Depending on the day of departure and of return direct flights can be had for as little as $545.77 return.

The sale is on until January 30, and many of the discount flights have been sold out. however, go to Aer Lingus’s discovery page to see the calendar of available fares.

This is an excellent price for a direct flight from Dublin.

At this price, Aer Lingus permits one carry-on bag with a maximum weight of 10kg.

Air Transat

Air Transat also has affordable direct flights from Toronto to Dublin this April.  April is the beginning of AirTransat’s seasonal flights to Dublin, and unfortunately they only fly from Toronto to Dublin on Monday’s and return on Tuesday’s, so if that lines up with your schedule, flights can be had for $634 round trip using.  There are plenty of flights available on all days in April for this flight.

To book, use Air Transat’s online booking site directly.

At this price, Aer Lingus permits one carry-on bag with a maximum weight of 10kg.

Air Canada

Air Canada / (Lufthansa) also offer direct flights to Dublin, but at the moment their flights are much closer to $900

Air Canada permits 2 carry-on bags with the overhead luggage weighing a maximum of 10kg.


Although WOW Air doesn’t offer direct flights to Dublin, they do offer amazing deals with a single connection to many European destinations all year round, including Dublin.

There are several options available round trip to Dublin with a stop over in Reykjavik for 439.98 CAD.

Book and find your flight using WOW Air’s flight booking tool.

Although with it’s lowest fare, WOW Air offers one small carry-on item up to a maximum of 10kg, it is only for a small bag or small backpack (Maximum 42x32x25cm | 17x13x10in).  A normal sized carry-on for the overhead compartment will incur additional fees.

Wow Air’s Fine Print on Carry-On Allowances Explained:

You will pay close to $50CAD per direction to upgrade your carry-on baggage at the time of booking.  If you wait until you get to the airport and decide to upgrade, you will pay close to $90CAD for each way, and if they catch you and find your carry-on bag is over the size limit once you are at the gate they will charge you around $130 CAD to upgrade your carry-on baggage option to the larger option (of course, if it’s too big for the standard carry-on, then you may be forced to check the bag and pay any additional fees incurred as with any airline).

You could end up paying a hundred to a couple hundred extra dollars if you upgrade your carry-on and/or decide you want other options such as seat selection, so that needs to be taken into consideration with the booking price.

If you want to use WOW Air and purchase the extras such as additional carry-on allowance, the right to choose your seat, and other options, it’s best to book directly on the WOW Air site.  Using another flight booking service will, generally, not give you these options at the time of buying the tickets.  You will pay more if you upgrade after you purchase or at the airport.  You Also, generally, can’t choose to select your set unless you pay for it during purchase on the WOW Air website.

Dan’s Recommendation:  

For the flight, I’d recommend packing as light as possible and going with WOW Air assuming they have availability on your flight dates.  I can’t guarantee the flight will be comfortable, so it may be worth shelling out a few extra bucks to guarantee seat selection (or upgrade) of a window or isle seat.  If you are thinking of sneaking a bigger bag past the gate agents, you might possible get away with it.  I’ve taken Wow Air flights half a dozen times, and I’ve never seen the gate agent weigh anybody’s bags or put them into the ‘sizing bin’ to ensure they conform to your maximum carry-on size and weight, however you will pay a steep price if they do catch you.

For Wow Air, as with any airline, I strongly recommend you check in online with your phone and use your phone as your e-ticket for boarding (alternatively do the web check-in, but print the paper ticket at home).  If you have to visit the counter at the airport to check-in you are just asking for trouble as they will weigh your bags, check the size, and do everything to make sure you are comforming to the rules and charge you accordingly if you are not.  Your e-ticket and/or paper ticket will in-fact indicate if you purchased the upgrade for the carry-on (so that’s how the gate agents know).

If you really want convenience Air Lingus is offering incredibly reasonable prices along with the normal flight amenities you would pay extra for with Wow Air, and you also get a very convenient 6.5 hour direct flight and a 5:30am landing versus over 10 hours and a 10:05AM landing with WOW Air.

Dublin is a great city to visit, and depending on the length of your stay 2 to 4 days in the city of Dublin should be plenty.  There are lots of museums and lots of great restaurants and pubs to see.  A day to half day hiking in Howth by train (30 mins by train from the city) is completely worth it, and I’d also recommend spending a day visiting Glendalough which is only an hour outside of Dublin.  Beyond that, you’ve got Northern Ireland, the university town of Galway, and many incredible sites in between.

Unless you rent a car, figure about 1 hour to get from the airport to the centre of the city by the time you get off your plane.  Outside of the terminal, there air Airport Express buses which will bring you to the centre or other stop in the city for about 7 euros.


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