Next Weekend in New York City? Excellent Flight Price!!!

Fancy a last minute weekend away in New York City?  We have direct return flights from Toronto to New York City (flying into La Guardia – LGA) with Air Canada, United, and West Jet for $265CAD!  Flights leave on Friday February 23 and return on Monday February 26 giving you a quick 3 days in New York.  For these prices, the flights can be booked with the airline directly.  Online travel agencies should have the same pricing as well.

This route regularly varies in price, and $265 flying from Pearson International Airport is about as low as it gets.  It’s common to see flight prices in the $350CAD to $550CAD range.  Most other flights are more expensive than usual.  $800CAD to Atlanta, $1200 for San Francisco, $610 to Miami, and $800 to Calgary!



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